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Heritage Song Woodstock
DOB:  3/27/2019
G6s = N/N
Alpha S1 Casein = A/B
DHI 01-248-1849# 3.9% bf, 3.5% protein

Sire:  *B Heritage Song Rocketeer A.I.
   SS:  SGCH +*B Blissberry MW Rocketeer 91EEE, *DNA
   SD:  SG Heritage Song Purple Haze A.I. 7*M  91VEEE, *DNA
Dam:  SGCH Heritage Song Whirlwind *M  91 VEEE  *DNA
    DS:  *B My Enchanted Acres WizardOfOz
    DD:  Heritage Song Windswept  ADGA Elite Doe

Went to my Semen storage rental to pick up a special buck my gal was not there and though I knew what tank I did not know what canister or code.  I did know Blissberry MW Rocketeer and we move forward from there to this doeling that I can't wait to freshen.  Beautiful Woodstock is bred to M*L Legacy Executive Romance.  PEACE and LOVE little Woodstock.


Randy & Shirley Chapman
161 Angus Road
Glasco, Kansas 67445